Top Selling Laptop Brands In Nepal 2024

Are you looking for a new and best laptops in Nepal? Look no further! This article explores the top selling laptop brands in Nepal, helping you find the best laptop price in Nepal that perfectly fits your needs.

Top Selling Laptop Brands In Nepal 2024
Laptop brands in Nepal

Laptops are becoming the go-to choice for a simple reason: they offer the power we need, wherever we need it. From handling demanding schoolwork and office tasks to streaming the latest shows, laptops are the engines driving our increasingly digital lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point. Suddenly, staying home meant laptops were no longer a luxury, but a necessity. The demand for reliable devices skyrocketed as schools and workplaces moved online, and entertainment became a lifeline for those stuck indoors.

As we adapt to this "new normal", the hunger for laptops continues to grow. Everyone's on the hunt for that dream laptop - one that can tackle work or school stuff, is easy to carry around, and won't break the bank.

Also market research indicates that revenue in the laptop sector is expected to surpass $300 million USD in 2024. With a booming laptop market comes a wider variety of brands. 

But with so many options, choosing the right brand can be a bit tricky. I mean, what works for a student might not necessarily be the best fit for a hardcore gamer, right? A student might value affordability and battery life, while a gamer prioritizes raw processing power and top-notch graphics.

So, which brands are dominant in Nepal's ever-changing market? Let's dive in and look into the leading contenders.

Best Selling Laptop Brands In Nepal

Based on the latest data from Sales Expert of Online IT Nepal, here's a list of the top-selling laptop brands in Nepal. This list reflects the preferences and choices of Nepali customers, showcasing the most popular brands on the market.

1. Dell

Suppressing the competitor, Dell has taken the first place as a best selling laptop brand in Nepal. But why dell? As per online IT, one of the best laptop store in Kathmandu Nepal, Dell laptops is the preferred choice among buyers in Nepal What makes Dell stand out? Well, their laptops are known for their durability, lasting for years without losing performance.

In addition, they don't just offer one type of laptop, they have a wide range of series tailored to different needs and preferences. Whether you're eyeing the budget-friendly Inspiron series or the top-of-the-line XPS line, Dell has something for every budget.

2. Lenovo

Next up in the lineup is Lenovo, emerging as a strong contender in Nepal's laptop market. Online IT Nepal reports Lenovo as the most searched and best selling laptop brand among students and gamers. What's the buzz about Lenovo? Well, they're praised for hitting the sweet spot between performance and affordability. 

This makes them a go-to choice for students and budget-conscious buyers alike. Lenovo's laptops are known for their user-friendly features and innovative designs, showcased in popular series like the IdeaPad for everyday use and the Legion line tailored for gamers.

3. Apple (Macbook)

Macbooks hold a special place in the Nepali market, reflected in their impressive search volume. But what makes these sleek machines so captivating? While typically pricier, Apple users rave about the user-friendly macOS operating system, seamless integration with other Apple devices, and the incredible build quality. Macbooks are the go-to choice for those who prioritize style, user experience, and a premium brand.

4. Asus

Always pushing boundaries, Asus is a top contender known for their innovative designs and feature-packed laptops. They offer fantastic value for money, especially in their smaller laptops and Chromebooks. If you're looking for something a little different, with unique aesthetics and cutting-edge tech, Asus is definitely worth considering. Their VivoBook series is a great choice for everyday use, and the ROG Strix line packs a punch for gamers.

5. HP

HP is another trusted brand with a wide variety of laptops for all sorts of needs. They're known for their reliability and vast selection, making them a popular choice for all types of users. Whether you're a student, business professional, or casual user, HP likely has a reliable and well-rounded option in their Pavilion series. 

For the gaming enthusiasts, the Omen range caters to the need for powerful graphics and processing. With such strong offerings, it's no wonder they list themselves among the best-selling laptop brands in Nepal.

6. Acer

Acer secures its place in the Nepalese laptop market with a wide range of affordable yet authentic laptops. Acer caters to various consumer needs from entry-level notebooks to gaming laptops in Nepal Acer caters to various consumer needs. The brand's focus on delivering value for money, along with features like solid performance and durability, appeals to Nepali buyers seeking best laptops in Nepal without compromising on quality.

7. MSI

Last but not the least, MSI stands out in the Nepalese market for its gaming laptops, renowned for their cutting-edge hardware and performance-oriented design. They pack in top-tier graphics cards, powerful processors, and advanced cooling systems to ensure a smooth and lag-free experience, whether you're conquering virtual worlds or editing high-resolution videos. Despite being relatively high-end, MSI laptops attract buyers who prioritize performance and reliability for gaming and content creation.


With a diverse range of brands catering to various needs and budgets, the Nepalese laptop market is a thriving landscape. Whether you prioritize raw power for gaming, a user-friendly experience like Apple's macOS, or a reliable workhorse from Dell or HP, there's a perfect laptop waiting to be discovered. So, do your research, consider your needs, and if confused reach out to Online IT Nepal today to find the best laptop and laptop price in Nepal.