Exploring Badimalika Trek: Spiritual Serenity and Natural Wonders in Nepal

Embark on a spiritual odyssey with the Badimalika Trek in Nepal. Discover the tranquility of Badimalika Temple and navigate challenging trails amidst breathtaking landscapes. This guide reveals the best time to visit, the trek's altitude, and the cultural richness of Bajura District. Experience Nepal's spiritual and natural allure in one extraordinary journey.

Exploring Badimalika Trek: Spiritual Serenity and Natural Wonders in Nepal
Badimalika Trek


Nepal, a land of diverse landscapes and spiritual treasures, unfolds another gem in its vast terrain - the Badimalika Trek. Nestled in the heart of Bajura District within Sudurpaschim Province, this trek unveils not only the enchanting Badimalika Temple but also a thrilling adventure through picturesque landscapes. Join us as we embark on a virtual expedition, delving into the district's location, the sacred Badimalika Temple, the challenging trek, and the best time to witness this awe-inspiring beauty.

Badimalika Municipality in Bajura District

Founded in March 2017, Badimalika Municipality, situated in Bajura District, Sudurpaschim Province, stands as a testament to the spiritual and natural wonders of Nepal. A relatively new addition to the administrative map, this region promises an enticing blend of religious significance and breathtaking landscapes.

Badimalika Temple and the Challenging Trek

The crown jewel of Badimalika is its namesake temple, a prominent Hindu pilgrimage site located in Triveni Municipality of Bajura district. To reach this sacred haven, one must undertake a 2-3 day trek starting from Martdi, the district's headquarters. The journey, though rugged with underdeveloped routes, presents a unique opportunity for spiritual seekers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

The Best Time to Visit Badimalika

For an unforgettable experience, plan your pilgrimage between September and November. During these months, the skies are clear, and the temperature is mild, offering optimal conditions to savour the stunning landscapes. Although the mornings and nights may be chilly, the high visibility ensures magnificent views of the surrounding beauty.

Altitude of Badimalika Temple

At a lofty altitude of 4200 metres above sea level, Badimalika Temple beckons travellers to its serene abode. While the trek is not technically challenging, the high altitude warrants caution, as it can pose a bit of a challenge for trekkers susceptible to altitude sickness.

Bajura District and Its Highlights

Bajura District, the birthplace of Badimalika, is an integral part of Sudurpaschim Pradesh. Covering an area of 2,188 square kilometres and boasting a population of 134,912, this district serves as the gateway to the Badimalika Trek. Its headquarters, Martadi, now part of Badimalika Municipality, marks the starting point of this incredible journey.

Exploring the Natural Beauty

Beyond its religious significance, the Badimalika region is a trekker's paradise, offering stunning views of mountain ranges, lush forests, and traditional villages. The Badimalika Trek provides an immersive experience, connecting nature enthusiasts with the pristine beauty and cultural richness of the region.


Our heartfelt recommendation is to immerse yourself in the spiritual aura of Badimalika Temple and embrace the adventurous spirit of Badimalika Trek. Do not miss the opportunity to explore captivating landscapes and diverse cultures that this region has to offer. For avid trekkers, Badimalika should undoubtedly secure a spot on your must-visit list.


Badimalika Trek unfolds as a delightful combination of spiritual exploration and natural beauty. Whether seeking a divine experience at the temple or a thrilling adventure through trekking trails, Badimalika promises an unforgettable journey. Pack your bags, for the mesmerising world of Badimalika in Nepal awaits your exploration.