Growth of TikTok and its Market in Nepal

Statistics and Algorithm of TikTok

Growth of TikTok and its Market in Nepal

TikTok is a social media platform from which user can create, share and discover short videos. The app was launched in September 2016 in Chinese market (with application name Douyin) and in September 2017(with application name TikTok) in global marketplace by the Chinese technology company ByteDance. The present CEO of TikTok is Shouzi Chew and its headquarter is located in Beijing, China.

TikTok is one of the fastest and also the most downloaded social media platforms in the world. No other app has more downloads than TikTok since the start of 2018. According to the report released by analytics firm Sensor Tower , TikTok was downloaded more than 176 million times since the start of 2022, making TikTok the fifth app to reach over 3.5 billion total downloads. It is the first non-Facebook app to reach three billion downloads, which it achieved in 2021.  

TikTok Algorithm

Tiktok is the largest growing Social Media App all over the Internet. It has around 1 billion Monthly active users. Average users spend up to 850 hours a month on this platform. This social media app is dominant for relevant trends, unique algorithms and diverse communities for each specific topic. In tiktok people can create video up to 3 minutes in length following a change in July 2021. Before that, the time limit was 60 seconds after updating from 15 seconds. The algorithm of the platform is designed in such a way that user scrolling tiktok won’t get bored. The video appears according to the interest of users and  time based on the viewing preferences. Those type of content in which user are spending more time are automically calculated by the algorithm and videos are suggested according to their viewing performance. Also, algorithm captures the data of the geographic location and the viral content in the specific location and the videos for the users of that location are automatically suggested. Also, to keep content creators in their platform TikTok takes help of many top celebrities and maintain their user base inside the platform. Also to attract other creators they have included virtual reward system in their platform. Creators can only earn virtual gifts by broadcasting a live video, a capability available only to those with 1,000 followers. If users are particularly showing pleasure and satisfaction with videos, they may send the gifts to the content creators. Each gift is worth a certain number of coins which can be withdraw with real money. TikTok have many more algorithm used in their platform to make the user engagement high.

Countries with the most TikTok users 2022

According to the Report at the Internet, The United States is the country with the largest TikTok users by far, with approximately 136.5 million users engaging with the popular social video platform. Indonesia followed, with around 99 million tiktok users. Brazil came in third, with 74 million active users using TikTok to watch short videos. Also,there are other many country with growing users which can be seen in the below diagram

TikTok in Nepal

As we know that user base of Tiktok is increasing Day by day all around the world and its effect is also seen in Nepal. Lot more people are engaging in this platform and sharing contents. Nowdays, in Nepal out of every 10 people we can easily find 1 or 2 people being user of TikTok. During the Covid-19 lockdown, the lot more Nepali people got into the TikTok platform.The lot more yought of Nepal is engaging in this platform. TikTok has made a big impact on the nepali market, many nepali brands has achieved the success and many Nepali places are viral and many tourist had came to Nepal to look the viral places which helped Nepal to increase the economy and also increases the pride of the country.

Not only the advantages there are also many disadvantages of this platform like due to TikTok many yought are suffering from depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Students are spending a long time in the app and getting addicted to watching the videos for hours at a time and also their attention span are getting decreased.

In Nepali, people of Age group around 18-34 years are highly engaged in this platform.  The official data of users of tiktok in Nepal is not publicly available, but according to the data calculated by AI there are about 2,207,318 people using tiktok platform in Nepal everyday.


Finally, Looking to the information and records we are able to say that the marketplace of social media is developing rapidely and TikTok may be at the Top of the social media marketplace. People are highly engaging in the tiktok platform. Tiktok has developed a strong bond between the users and predicted to grow its user base in the upcoming future.